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Welcome to Russell’s! We are family-run group of restaurants that focus on homestyle, from scratch cooking and fresh baked goods daily. Things your mom might make, but with our own spin. We have two locations of Russell’s: our original location in Fenton; and our South City location, Russell’s on Macklind.

While each of our restaurants has the same dedication to warm, inviting hospitality (you’ll notice the family photos on the walls) and delicious food, every location is designed to serve its respective communities. Each has their own story. Each neighborhood has their favorite dishes.

At our Macklind location, our menu extends beyond sandwiches, salads and brunch favorites. We also focus on a dinner menu of elevated takes on classic American dishes, utilizing the best seasonal ingredients available. Although, no visit is complete to any location without a stop at the pastry case for our daily selections of signature cakes, pastries, baked goods, and more.

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